Shaolin Mantis Kung Fu 

Shaolin Mantis Kung Fu is based on a martial art traditionally known as CHOW GAR TONG LONG which means Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu. The system is different to karate and other martial arts in that lots of movements are influenced from animal movements. We use various techniques and movements such as Leopard Fist, Dragon Claw, Tiger Claw, Eagle Claw, Horse Stance, Unicorn Step, Swimming Dragons and others. 


This authentic martial art is a close to medium quarter combat system using low and medium level kicks, a phoenix eye punching technique and others including Hammer Hand and Ginger Fist. blocks, direct and angled hand/elbow and other strikes, evasive footwork, various kicks, wrist and other locks and take-downs. Its rapid hand skills made it one of the most effective martial arts to come from China. All Kung Fu systems are based on Taoist philosophy, leading to a better balanced, calmer and confident child. 

We usually provide optional controlled sparring and kick boxing sessions with children wearing quality Blitz Protective equipment, supervised by the instructor however note these have been suspended due to COVID control measures 

Within this system we teach "Chi Kung" - a range of relaxing exercises with specific breath control. This is very beneficial to health, such as improving and strengthening core strength, regulating breathing, improving a child's balance, muscle and tendon loosening, and general all over improved health, strength and posture. Children also meditate to calm the mind.


At a more advanced level we teach children how to handle and use traditional Chinese weapons (child friendly) including Sai and Butterfly Sword.


You and your child will also benefit from:



  • Low joining fee and monthly payments with discount for siblings

  • No minimum term contract

  • Class sizes controlled to ensure quality teaching

  • Teaching of practical  real-life applications

  • Additional lessons for free

  • Fully risk assessed for safety 

  • Safe guarding policy in place 




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