Shaolin Mantis Information

  • Always wear your uniform and sash

  • Bow when entering or leaving the Kwoon (Hall)

  • Arrive a little early to training. Classes start promptly and it is disruptive to Sifu and your fellow students to arrive once the class has started. Everyone gets held up from time to time- just don't make a habit of it.

  • Turn mobile phones off during class

  • Listen to Sifu or Sihing (senior students). Don't make excuses or be disrespectful when a senior is explaining a technique- stop training and try to understand what they're trying to help you with

  • Concentrate on your own training. Try not to breed the spirit of competition with fellow students - the real challenge lies within yourself

  • Have a positive and friendly attitude 

  • Do not use what you have learnt to show-off, bully others, practice on others outside of your Kung fu lessons, threaten people etc

  • If you are attacked you must use proportionate force to defend yourself to bring the situations under control

  • Sports, martial arts, and other physical activites present risk of injury. Be responsible, listen carefully to instructions, and be considerate so as not to injure yourself or others.



Terms and Conditions 

These are the Terms  and Conditions that must be complied with to ensure the efficient and effective running of our martial arts school, and to ensure students gain the maximum benefit whilst training with us.

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